What Is Employee Onboarding?


What Is Employee Onboarding?

When it comes to onboarding new employees, there’s more than just bringing them up to speed on what they can do. It’s also about building relationships and setting the stage for their success in your company.

Of course, there are some differences based  bahama on an employee’s role or how long they will be working for you. However, the general idea of onboarding is the same across job roles. The main goal is to get this person ready to take on all that lies ahead (and hopefully stick around long enough to see it through).

Provide Information Before Day One

You can jumpstart the employee onboarding process by providing information before day one. The first day of work is exciting for new employees. They want to dive right in and prove their value!

However, they must have all the information they need before stepping into the role. To prepare them, you can email out essential introduction guides or welcome letters.

Maybe you’ll send them a list of resources to read about your company culture. You could also set up meetings with people who can help them get adjusted. Providing this information before day one ensures that new hires are ready  freakinthesheets to hit the ground running on their first official day as a team members.

Take It Slow When Training New Employees

Everyone wants employees to bring as much knowledge as possible from previous jobs to your organization. You don’t want those prior experiences overshadowing what they’re supposed to be doing.

Instead of training new employees on all the ins and outs on their first day (or even first week), provide gradual training sessions. Think about what they’ll need to know tomorrow, six months from now, etc. This approach will give employees time to adjust to their new position. It also guarantees that new hires are staying up-to-date on industry changes.

How often you run these training sessions depends on your company culture and how long employees typically stay at your business. Some companies may choose monthly training for every role. Others might only do yearly ones if it’s a more senior job position.

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